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Customize exclusive jadeproducts for your business.

XBOX Authorized Jade Porducts Vendor

Custom jade portrait relief products are a touchable memory, combining the beauty and elegance of jade with the personal significance of a portrait. These pieces are created by skilled artisans who carve detailed, raised images onto jade surfaces, capturing the essence of the subject. They make unique and meaningful keepsakes, perfect for commemorating loved ones, special occasions, or personal achievements. The tactile nature of the relief adds an additional layer of sensory engagement, making the memory even more vivid and lasting.

Custom Jade Portrait Relief

A gift for a loved one
Couple jade pendant necklace

Jade decorative relief

If you need to carve landscape pictures into jade relief products, we would be happy to design them for you. Jade exhibits come in various common forms, each with unique shapes.

My dearest child
Maternal love
 White Rock

Commercial Customization

Jade controller

Jade is not only a primary material for exquisite jewelry but also an embellishment for various bags, shoes, and hats. If you have commercial ideas and product concepts that require jade as a raw material, please contact us.

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